Hola! Be inspired. Make awesome. Meet new people. Learn new stuff. All in over 60 sessions in two days. Join us in just over a week at Tech4Africa 2013.

Tech4Africa is the premier mobile, web & emerging tech event in Africa.

October 9th & 10th 2013, Johannesburg

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What will you learn at Tech4Africa this year? Vote for the speakers you want to see.

Hi there,

Did you know that you can vote on the speaker sessions at Tech4Africa this year? ;-)

Vote for the content you want

We’ve worked really hard to bring speaker submissions and voting to the African tech community, and now it's live! As I type this we're on 888 votes so far, so why not visit the voting page and vote for the sessions you most want to see? We hope that you enjoy helping decide the content for Tech4Africa as much as we enjoy curating it!

Please note that final decision making for the schedule will be driven as follows: 30% Tech4Africa Staff, 40% from the community, and 30% our informal Advisory board. Enjoy ;-)

Please forward to your colleagues, teams, freelancers, or anyone in your networks who is interested in tech in Africa.


Early Bird tickets expire in 9 days

There are only 9 days to go and our Early Bird tickets are flying fast!

So far, we've processed over 250 tickets for Tech4Africa in October, and it's only July! With 2 days of action packed content, spread over 5 rooms and over 50 sessions, it's the tech event of the year that you don't want to miss out on ;-)

Treat yourself, and do your career a favour - go and grab your Early Bird tickets while they're still available!


Submit your speaking ideas, 71 ideas to get you started

It's fantastic to see so many sessions submitted so far, but we think we've only just gotten started.

Why not browse the "speaker inspiration" page and then submit your talk. Even if you're a first timer, or you think you don't have anything to contribute, you'd be amazed at what you're able to share - so submit something, and see where it takes you!

If you work in a team, why not get together with your colleagues to submit a joint session to talk about a project you've been working on?


Hack is not a four letter word, hack for #Jozi & #Cpt

Read more / Get your tickets: #JoziHack | #CptHack

We recently decided that supporting developer Hackathons in the truest sense of the word was best aligned with our values.

You can read the blog post here.

As such, we're going to be running #Hackathons in #Jozi and #Cpt, to have some fun with like minded people, and to talk about tech problems which are city specific. More information below.

The #Hackathons are free, and open to anyone. Do join us, they promise to be exciting and challenging!

IBM has kindly offered to provide free education on their Worklight platform (Worklight supports all mobile platforms from one code base - you can learn more here in advance, or of course attend workshops on the day).

Hackathon purpose:

  1. Hack is not a four letter word
  2. Have fun with like-minded people
  3. Network and meet new people
  4. Experiment, play & hack with new technologies
  5. Focus on problems related to #Jozi and #Cpt

What we want to do:

  1. Lightning talks on new technologies, followed by in-depth workshops that go into detail
    1. Getting setup in the cloud
    2. Mobile app development
    3. Web app development
    4. Using USSD
    5. Aggregating social data
    6. Mining data for insight
  2. Speaker sessions that talk about problems and solutions each city faces
    1. Open Data Sources
    2. Data from scraping
    3. Using relevant social data
  3. Give developers space to work on MVC Proof of Concept
    1. Can be their own app if they want to
    2. Can be collaboratively on shared code base
    3. Should solve a small problem in an elegant way, to illustrate what can be accomplished in a Hackathon
  4. Opportunity for developers to showcase their work at Tech4Africa in October
  5. Developer workshops to demo their solutions
  6. Give developers opportunity to pitch solutions to Cities

Read more / Get your tickets: #JoziHack | #CptHack

Grab your tickets:

Tickets for 2013 are selling fast, so don't miss out!


Don't miss out on the coolest tech event of the year, for the price of two rounds of golf, or a hairdo and pair of shoes! Grab your tickets now!

View the schedule

We're busy finalising the schedule and speakers, so you can see it evolving live.

As always, we're committed to the best, freshest, most interesting, inspiring, challenging and relevant content we can find, mixed with the best networking opportunities.

This year, we're curating 5 rooms, and we're anticipating over 60 sessions during the full two days. Awesome!


Bonus extras

Get FREE $200 Cloud vouchers from the DiData Cloud stand. Get your dev or staging environment setup in the Cloud with free consulting.

Hack and learn from peers at the @Jozihub Hackathon table.

Watch and learn how 3D printing works.

Watch arduino and robotics demonstrations.

Exhibitors will be exhibiting their companies, doing product demonstrations, giving away vouchers and offering help to delegates.

Developers from the #Jozi & #Cpt #Hackathons will demo their work.

Ticketing schedule

No deadlines, walkups allowed

2-for-1: SOLD OUT
Early Bird: 30th July.

Speaking deadlines

If you want to speak in 2013, these are the deadlines for submissions ;-)

31st: Tech4Africa

9th: #Cpt Hackathon
16th: #Jozi Hackathon

Speakers announcement
Schedule 85% finalised (always changes!)

What else can I do?

Help us serve the tech community. It’s our belief that the best way we can stay relevant is to serve the tech community.

Forward this email to your friends and colleagues. Show them some love!

Get involved.

Quotes from previous attendees:

@rudshep: Really an awesome day at Tech4Africa conference. This level of energy and optimism I have not seen anywhere else. SA Tech Rocks!

@ShawnGraaff: @Tech4Africa has reached out to over 150 cities, mostly main cities in Africa, this is how you empower and innovate a continent #T4A

@liambeeton: We have come to the end of @Tech4Africa #T4A. I really enjoyed myself, met some great people and am taking so much info away.

@imel: @Tech4Africa great being here, fantastic optimism in the air #t4a

@glenbvuma: Made the right choice by attending @Tech4Africa instead of marching with Malema. Really learning a lot from the guys. #T4A

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