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9th - 10th October 2013, at The Focus Rooms, Sunninghill.

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Featured speakers

Petra Cross (US)
Behind the scenes of software engineering at Google

Malvina Goldfeld (Israel)
eCommerce in Africa

Emilian Popa (SA)
Enable and Accelerate ecommerce in Africa

Norberto Leite (Spain)
Migrating from a RDMS to MongoDB: Why, how and getting started

Chris Ford (Aus)
Functional composition: Bach and Clojure

Vinicius Andrade (Brazil)
Kill the backlog!! Using goal based prioritisation.

Binay Tiwari, Ravi Vyas (India)
Monetizing your Apps to reach a Global Audience!

Trevor Kimenye (Kenya)
Growth Hacking on App Stores

Kjetil J. Olsen (Canada)
Bootstrap your startup with online freelancers

Mbwana Alliy (Kenya)
Is your Africa focused startup investable?

And much more. View the full schedule of over 60 sessions.

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