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Two days of Tech. Two nights of Music. Quoi?

Tech4Africa adds music and art for two days of tech and two nights of music, over 8 rooms, a keynote auditorium and 5 music stages.

2 – 3 May 2014, Jhb
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A Manifesto Of Sorts
Great content. The kind people talk about.
Inspiring. People, products and projects.
Networks. Where substance trumps style.
Death by PowerPoint. Clowned upon.
Progress. The other side of failure.
Programming. The new literacy.
Fun. Work is meant to be fun.
Suits & ties. Frowned upon.
Fly with us. No seatbelts required.
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It doesn't matter whether you're at a large corporate, a small agency, a freelancer, or a student.
Tell your story, share your code, showcase your product or solution, or illustrate how you've solved a problem.
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So far, there are 31 talks from speakers in Canada, Ghana, Kenya, Martinique, South Africa, United States.

19 Impart wisdom, 5 Talk about success or failure in a positive way, 7 Tell a story.
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XOOXITY will consist, not just of multiple stages for music, but state of the art stage design, visuals, installation art, film and other creative elements.
It's a Xoo out there...
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